Gottfried Kumpf

Gottfried Kumpf is a freelance painter who lives at Lake Neusiedl in Austria.
His work includes oil paintings, illustrations, watercolours, graphic art, bronze sculptures, architecture, stage sets, book illustrations and posters.

Gottfried Kumpf was born on 29th November 1930 in Annaberg in the province of Salzburg.

As he child, he sat for hours in the high grass and painted, his dog by his side.
The basic forms of his paintings developed from these early paintings he did as a child.

However, at first he studied medicine….from 1952 to 1956.

He returned to painting later and since 1956 he has been dedicated Art only, and works as a free lance artist.

Between 1964 and 1969 he had his first exhibitions in Europe and New York.

When he was 38 years old, he moved to Burgenland, the eastern-most province of Austria, and settled down in Breitenbrunn on Lake Neusiedl.

From this time on, many of his oil paintings have had the lake as their central theme. e.g. 'Autumn on the Lake', 'Silver Morning', 'Moonshine in Seewinkel'.

Several books about and by the artist were published between 1972 and 1980. Gottfried Kumpf has also illustrated several children's books.

His first bronze sculpture "The Asocial" was done in 1974. Several other bronze sculptures followed.

The figure "The Asocial" appears in many of his works.

He was awarded the "Conservation Merit Award" of WWF- International by Prince Philip for his efforts in preserving the "Lange Lacke" in Seewinkel, Burgenland (today a National Park).

He painted 'The Spoonbill above the Lange Lacke' in oil for the project. This painting was printed as a poster and the large scale advertising campaign for the project introduced him to a large part of the Austrian population.

In 1983 the first of Kumpf's postal stamps 'The Evening Sun over Burgenland' was printed, as part of the series 'Modern Art in Austria'.

To celebrate Schönbrunn Zoo's 250th anniversary, the Austrian artist Gottfried Kumpf designed a permanent anniversary calendar.

His work has been exhibited in several countries and cities all over the world.

Lake Neusiedl in Austria is known as the 'Sea of the Viennese' and is the only Steppe Lake in Austria. Hence the landscape is very unique.
The other lakes in Austria are all glacier lakes, and the mountains form the landscape.

The bulrushes are very important for the eco system of the lake, and are typical for the unique character of the lake.

The light in this part of Austria is again different, and is often expressed in Kumpf's paintings.

In our Art lesson we experimented with Kumpf's style, and here are some of our interpretations.